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How much you should pay per gram for high-quality THC or CBD cannabis oil


That’s actually a trick question! It’s also the question that we hear people asking every single day. Well, that is the wrong question to ask when shopping for oil. You see, “the gram of oil” just tells us how much the lump of brown sticky stuff weighs. That is not what we’re after. The correct question to ask is how many milligrams of active ingredient are in the gram of oil.


Patient: How many milligrams of active THC and CBD are in one gram of oil?

Dispensary Employee: Hmm, i’m not really sure. The guy that dropped it off to us said he’s been doing it for years, so it’s gotta be good. 

Patient: Umm, you just repeated the….never mind. I think I am going to do some more research, thanks! Click!


Once you know the potency of the oil by observing the lab test, you can determine whether or not you are paying a fair rate for THC or CBD oil. Here is the simple math:


(Cost per gram of oil / Milligrams of active ingredient)  = Cost per milligram of THC or CBD


$90 gram of oil / 80% Potency or 800mg =   .11 cents per milligram


This equation works for THC or CBD oil, either one. It makes absolute sense and should be the basis for any decision regarding cannabis oil.  From our research, the fair and average THC market rate is between .10 cents per milligram (low) and .20 cents per milligram (high).  For CBD, we found the fair and average market rate to be between .20 cents per milligram (low) and .30 cents per milligram (high).


With this information, you should be able to start recognizing good and bad deals on oil.     Calculating THC Dosage in Edibles


Rick Simpson's cure for stage IV cancer and almost all disease requires 60 grams of decarboxylated cannabis extract oil. Working your way up slowly to taking 1g of oil per day until the entire 60 grams are consumed as quickly as possible.


There is 1000mg in each gram...


so at ten cents per milligram, the math would be 10 x 60,000 = 600,000 divided by 100 to convert from cents to dollars would be a cost of $6000


Also note that 1cc in the common syringes used to store the oil is typically a gram or 1000mg in oil weight. So a 10cc syringe contains 10g or 10,000mg of oil.



Remember, people are selling hemp seed oil and all kinds of crazy fake cannabis oil or they are heavily cut with coconut oil... as with anything, it is best to make and grow your own or have someone you trust grow and make your decarboxylated cannabis oils.


Real cannabis oil is approximately 3X more valuable than gold by weight, DO NOT expect everyone to treat you honestly, sad situation that I have to say this, but it is factual.

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