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Extensive Survey Finds Cannabis Users Are More Successful and Content

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Posted 19 August 2017 - 07:54 PM


Extensive Survey Finds Cannabis Users Are More Successful and Content


By Jon Hiltz  


June 19th, 2017


A recent survey by BDS Analytics is debunking the myth that cannabis users are lazy and unmotivated. In fact, the research shows that people who enjoy marijuana are among the most satisfied and successful people in society.

In what is being touted as the most comprehensive and detailed look at cannabis consumers ever conducted, the study found that cannabis consumers have an overall healthier well-being when compared to those who abstain. The survey covered a number of mental, social, and financial aspects of people living in California and Colorado, two states that have legalized adult-use cannabis.

The subjects of the study were classified into one of three groups:

  • Consumers (people who consume cannabis)
  • Acceptors (people who do not consume cannabis but might consider it)
  • Rejecters (people who do not consume cannabis and would not consider it)

For starters, pot consumers living in California, on average, have a household income of $93,800. That average household income drops to $73,900 for rejecters of cannabis.

The notion that those who toke up are uneducated was also found to be drastically misguided. The survey reports that 20 percent of Californian consumers hold master’s degrees, compared to 12 percent among rejectors.

In terms of personality and social interaction, the survey found that 36 percent of cannabis consumers describe themselves as very social people, compared to 28 percent of rejecters.

Other findings from this extensive study show that marijuana users enjoy the outdoors, volunteer their time to help others, and are more likely to be parents of young children.

“Cannabis consumers are far removed from the caricatures historically used to describe them,” said Linda Gilbert, head of the consumer research division at BDS Analytics. “In fact, positive lifestyle indicators like volunteering, socializing, satisfaction with life and enjoyment of exercise and the outdoors are highest among cannabis consumers, at least in Colorado and California.”

For those of us who do enjoy cannabis, these numbers come as no surprise.


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