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The Future Of Cannabis Has Arrived… And It’s Flavored

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Posted 01 May 2017 - 01:11 AM

The Future Of Cannabis Has Arrived… And It’s Flavored


If you thought cannabis was flavorful before, your taste buds are about to get rocked. A new, revolutionary technology is taking the plant into the future, offering a way to customize the flavor and overall experience from a strain, post-harvest. Though concentrate and cannabis isolates are becoming increasingly more popular, Yofumo is painting the way for a new way to appreciate cannabis bud.


Flavored cannabis is almost here


When it comes to picking out great cannabis, it’s best to follow your nose. Each cannabis strain seems to have its own distinct fragrance and taste.

Consumers have terpenes to thank for this cannabis aromatherapy. Terpenes are the flavor and aroma molecules found in plant resins, and cannabis happens to contain a lot of them.

In fact, a recent study from the University of British Columbia found that there were over 30 genes in the herb that manufacture these romantic compounds.

Now, one technology company is offering a way to improve the curing process, the final aging step in cannabis cultivation that imparts the highest degree of flavor and smoothness in a bud, and enhance the herb’s natural flavors.

Launched commercially in January 2017, with consumer units mapped out for the next few years, Yofumo is a line of high-tech storage units have the capacity to dry, cure, and enhance the terpenes in cut cannabis plants.

Each of Yofumo’s units is rooted in a proprietary process that safely rids any mold, yeasts, fungus or other bacteria that can easily occur anywhere along the post-harvest system, from curing to consumption.

Yofumo’s commercial products, which have already been installed in grows across three states, have a few different ways to enhance terpenes. It can bring out terpenes already found inside the bud, it can play up some flavors over others, and it can also dial in new natural flavors onto curing bud.

Searching for something grape-y to pair with some Sour Diesel? Yofumo can make it happen. What bout some coconut to go with a little Red Dragon? It’s now possible thanks to Yofumo.


Yofumo: Toward the future of cannabis


The potential applications of Yofumo are far-reaching. As it stands now, this technology is paving the way for truly craft cannabis buds in the near future. While the herb was once blacklisted as an illicit substance, individual states are bringing the herb into the light.

With this new attention, talented growers and breeders currently are transforming the once basement-dwelling herb into a craft consumer good comparable to wines, coffee, and chocolate. Yofumo is the technology that will speed up the jump as Alfonso Campalans, CEO and Founder of Yofumo explains,

Pot in the News

Our Technology gives growers and consumers the tools they need to bring craft cannabis to the same level as the best wine cellars in the world.

The ability to control the flavor of cannabis adds another layer of complexity to the craft of cannabis, akin to culinary concoctions or liquid libations. It can make an okay bud better and it makes already great flower incredible.

Honing in on the craft of cannabis market isn’t the only use for Yofumo, however. These days, terpenes are all the rage in the cannabis world. Research suggests that these aroma molecules may have a more complex relationship to the plant that one might expect.

While the cannabis plant is famous for psychoactive and healing compounds like THC and CBD, more research than ever shows that terpenes may also have some medicinal benefit on their own.

For example, one review suggests that linalool, a lavender-scented terpene may have anticonvulsant properties when combined with CBD.

Though this research is only in its infancy, technologies like Yofumo are sure to be a vital part of cannabis cultivation in the future.

The presence of this technology is the dawn of a new era in the cannabis world. Now, it’s time to wait for new flavored and customized cannabis products to hit the dispensary shelves.

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