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Cannabis VS Alcohol

cannabis VS alcohol alcohol kills Cannabis cure Cannabis cures alcohol KILLS

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Posted 23 April 2017 - 06:41 PM


alcohol and cannabis
Cannabis Should Be Legal If Alcohol Is Legal The Facts Show Cannabis Is Safer and Healthier

If Cannabis is so “Dangerous”, why don’t we ban alcohol?



Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule I substance meaning that according to the Federal government, it holds no medical value and has a high potential for abuse. Cannabis is listed alongside things such as heroin and crack and for anyone that has at least a half a brain cell working properly, it definitely shouldn’t be listed alongside those drugs.


Cannabis is being labeled, “officially” as a dangerous narcotic by the US government and in turn justifies its illegality. The DEA has frequently used this Catch-22 scenario to stonewall any legalization efforts over the past forty years.


Yet this begs the question, if cannabis is so “dangerous” then why are we allowing the consumption of alcohol in the country. If safety is our concern, then alcohol should be outlawed too…along with tobacco, but that’s another discussion.


Alcohol is more dangerous than Cannabis


Alcohol has been said to be 114 times more lethal than cannabis according to a study conducted earlier this year. Roughly 80,000 people will lose their lives to alcohol this year and roughly half of all violent crimes will be committed under the influence of alcohol.




So where on the Controlled Substance Act is alcohol you may ask?


It’s not on the CSA at all! Alcohol and tobacco are managed through the ATF, meaning they don’t have the same scrutiny in terms of rigorous testing and health profiles as that of any other drug on the CSA. In fact, many alcohol companies and tobacco companies are subsidized by the US government.


This makes you wonder about the validity of the claim of “keeping marijuana illegal because it’s dangerous” especially since cannabis has never killed anyone due to direct consumption, throughout the history of mankind!


Yet we can see alcohol glorified on television, sold in virtually every convenient store across the country and with no backlash of any kind towards the ills that happen under the influence of alcohol.


If someone crashed with a baggy of weed in their car, you’ll hear about it on the news however if someone crashes being totally blitz off their asses on some fire water, you’ll never hear about that story despite the fact that there are nearly 30 fatal car crashes under the influence of alcohol every single day in this country.


Why the double standard?


Seeing that the US government wants to use the bogus scheduling status of cannabis to maintain its illegality, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that we should treat alcohol with the same level of anal-retentiveness?


After all, if “safety” is really the concern of the government, then logically alcohol should be listed on the CSA right up there with heroin. Yet the mere fact that it isn’t even on the CSA makes one wonder about the purpose of the Controlled Substance Act. Is it really for our safety or was it a legal maneuver to monopolize the production, sales and distribution of drugs? I’m leaning more towards the latter.

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